Our works

Our work revolves around prevention, sensitisation, support and enlightenment of individuals and families across the world. Our expertise have been pioneering change, informed by rigorous research and practical based study and we aren't hesitant to challenge the existing quo or tackle challenging or under researched conditions.

Our UK Projects

Advocacy, Support and counselling work

Employment Skills Development

Health Promotions  

Young People’s Support Programme

Women’s health and Domestic Violence

Ex-Offenders and illegal Substance support program

Mental Health Matters Programme

Other activities we are involved in Include

Reducing the incidences of mental breakdown in families,

Tackling the discrimination and stigmatisation of people living with mental health and other long term health conditions

 Promote equality of opportunities

Preserve and protect good health among the socially deprived people in the community.

Reduce social isolation

Combat social inequalities through skills development and training

Provision of emotional support, motivation and empowerment to strengthen each other towards skills development, raising cultural, social needs, health, and education awareness.

Advocate and empower the most vulnerable and marginalised groups of African individuals and families by imparting knowledge as well as providing information on main stream services which are available in the community

Promoting economic, educational, cultural and social advancement


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